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iCoolsport Website Design & Rebrand

In late 2019, MeMedia had the pleasure of rebranding iconic Gold Coast company, and true trailblazer, iCoolsport.

Since 2004, iCoolsport have led the way in producing world-class ice bath cooling systems, and continue to do so today. In fact, they are the number one manufacturer of ice bath cooling systems in the world, their systems used by the most prestigious sporting events and institutes.


​So why did they need to rebrand?

Quick answer: they weren’t fulfilling their potential.

The innovators of the world knew all about them. In-fact the entire iCoolsport business backbone was built on elite engineering for elite athletes. From relatively portable systems to in-home systems to sports stadium ice bath rooms, iCoolsport own the elite cold water immersion therapy space and many would say, that’s perfect.

The author Max Fortune says “You must niche to get rich.”

iCoolsport have their niche, but many businesses that excel in the initial phase of the 'innovation adoption curve' become less innovative and more mainstream in the next phase - early adoption.

Having strategic awareness allows us to see the writing on the wall. Without this, you must be prepared for your competition to overtake you.


​Wim Hof aka Iceman, also an innovator.

Wim has become world famous for his world record-breaking ability to not only withstand icy waters, but also raise his core body temperature while scientifically proving the benefits of cold water immersion therapy.

While serendipitous that someone other than iCool spent almost a lifetime proving that ice baths are beneficial, if we weren’t strategically aware of this and willing to iterate the product then the growth of the company could very well be in jeopardy.

The two world leaders in cold water immersion - Wim Hof and iCoolsport - collaborated on the production of an ice bath cooling system that supports the ice cold temperatures Wim Hof has proven to be beneficial not only for the elite athlete but for the elite human.

The rebranding came when we identified that the benefits of cold water immersion were more far reaching than just muscle recovery. CWI has been scientifically proven to assist with immune system regulation, stress reduction, improved sleep and mood and building mental resilience.


So now we know why the early adopters/elite humans of the world want ice baths on tap. We also know that getting your shower or bath cold enough during the summer months - especially in Australia - is problematic and inconsistent.

iCoolsport’s purpose beyond profit is to improve the lives of every elite human being.

Rebranding iCoolsport into a formidable world-class brand has been one of our most joyful projects this year. So much so that we encourage everybody to start having cold showers every morning - you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Rebranding has very little to do with a logo or name change. It’s about going deep into market analysis, and looking within yourself, your customers, and your team while becoming strategically aware.


“Move with the power and purpose of one” Sun Tzu

Rebranding is understanding your purpose beyond profit and aligning your culture, your content and who your business exists for.

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