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BigCommerce Shopping Cart Software Review (PART 3) | Get Fact Up #28

This is the final review of our special 3 part series on e-commerce platforms, and we are rounding it out with a worldwide leader - BigCommerce. Now you may be wondering, how can something with the word 'big' in it's name be useful for your small business? It all comes down to customisation and support. Watch this week's video to find out how BigCommerce sizes up to the others.

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- Good day, Australia. I'm Chris Hogan, founder and CEO of MeMedia. It's time to get fact up.

Today we're gonna be continuing our quest to find you the best online shopping cart solution, between Shopify, Neto, and Bigcommerce. So if we look at all three of these platforms, Shopify is making waves in this industry, Neto is the new kid on the block, the Aussie kid, and Bigcommerce is a worldwide leader.

So let's look at Bigcommerce. With over 95,000 live sites currently using Bigcommerce's system for selling items and processing online payments, there's no doubt in believing that Bigcommerce provides a viable and powerful interface for all of your eCommerce needs. But is Bigcommerce easy to use? You bet it is. Fast selection of apps and integrations help for easy customization and their offered website themes are pre-built and plentiful to make it look like you hired a pro to design your website. This is great news for the less techy people out there, you'll be able to get away with having an awesome website without having to contract designers and developers to customize it too much. The product management in Bigcommerce is both clean and unique. It's also customisable to any type of product that you can imagine putting on your online store.

First thing we need to look at though, is how much is this platform going to cost you? For small businesses, Bigcommerce's standard plan offers heaps of convenient features. Coming in at $29.95 US dollars a month, which is approximately $40.60 AUD per month, this plan offers you unlimited products, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, credit card and payment acceptance, and no transaction fees. Note however, there will always be third party transaction fees with any third party payment platform. That also includes the credit card fees that you may incur.

Bigcommerce's standard plan at $29.95 will allow your annual turnover to be up to $50k US in sales per year. That's approximately $68,000 Australian dollars. That's before you need to move onto the next plan. Next plus plan comes in at $79.95 US dollars a month, which allows up to $125k US in annual turnover, or $170,000 Australian. This plan gives you access to extra features, such as vast pricing and segmentation tools, and an abandoned cart saver. And in case you're not aware, abandoned cart is a huge plus when running an online shopping cart store.

And the next plan at $199.95 US dollars per month, currently converts to approximately $275 AUD per month. This allows up to a million dollars US in annual sales per year, but with a cap of $3,000 orders per year. This plan also gives you access to additional features such as fraud monitoring and store-wide HTTPS. Basically, your site is secure 100% of the time.

Last but not least is Bigcommerce's enterprise plan. This plan has no set price, instead Bigcommerce states that the price for a month is tailored to your business. This plans gives you an unlimited amount of online sales, and access to every feature that Bigcommerce has to offer. So looking at Bigcommerce's plans, you're basically paying depending on how successful your store is.That kind of sounds like a little bit native. To me, anyway.

But when it comes to features, Bigcommerce pack a big punch. Bigcommerce seem to be focusing on SEO. They're doing this by providing a faster website platform, which is great for users, and also a good thing for Google rank. You can also integrate with Google shopping and eBay buyers to grab shoppers who prefer to use those platforms. Bigcommerce's marketing features include running promotions, offering coupon codes, shooting out email blasts, and also integrating with social media, pretty real. Bigcommerce supports over 60 payment gateways, meaning that you can choose to process payments through your store instead of sending them away to somewhere like PayPal.

This platform offers many other cool features, like support for multiple currencies and customizable shipping rates, you can also plug in great features which help you automate that shipping process. So let's have a look at that. It immediately suggests that you plug into integrations like Australia Post that allow you to quote real-time shipping prices to your customers. With the Australia Post app, when you log your products into Bigcommerce, you supply weight and dimensions so your customers will always receive exact shipping costs based on delivery post code and shopping cart contents. And our favorite third party shipping fulfillment app is ShipIT. ShipIT allows you to somewhat automate a lot of the order dispatching, ShipIT allows you to print labels, peeking slips, and invoices. Allocate orders to carriers, and track packages from within your site. At an additional $50 US per month, we know this is money well spent.

Thanks for listening for our review of Bigcommerce this week. We had to keep it brief and couldn't do the comparison, so next week we'll do the comparison on Neto, Shopify, and Bigcommerce for you to get online shopping soon.

Thanks for listening Australia, and keep the feedback coming - both online, email, or simply give us a call.



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