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Gold Coast Surgical Hospital Marketing

When we were first approached, Gold Coast Surgical Hospital had only been operating for 7 months. They were entering a highly competitive industry and needed a flexible marketing solution to target the general public, general practitioners, specialists and surgeons. In order to differentiate Gold Coast Surgical Hospital from others in their field and meet their multifaceted marketing needs, it was essential for MeMedia to implement a variety of strategies. This included a brand strategy, content marketing and distribution, web development, print design, event management, SEO, social media management, PPC, paid social promotion and much more.


Marketing Strategy

MeMedia’s challenge was to find a find a holistic, scalable marketing solution that could outperform other competitors with very large budgets. The goal was to increase the number of patients and attract more surgeons to the hospital. We needed a unique approach. At our intensive strategy meeting, we assessed their current marketing, online real estate, patient and surgeon demographics and much more. From this session onwards, we delivered a unique strategy that involved targeting specific psychographic profiles of the biggest influencers for Gold Coast Surgical Hospital among a wide variety of marketing channels and mediums.

Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising and Print Assets

The most significant component of our marketing strategy was the design. The hospital required a large amount of digital and print designs each month for both internal use and to support their outbound and content marketing—often requiring a quick turnaround.

MeMedia was happy to accommodate these efforts as part of our contract, providing set hours for priority design work that could be used flexibly for creating monthly marketing collateral—rolling over any unused hours. From invites and posters, to signage and billboards—MeMedia designed a wide variety of marketing assets for Gold Coast Surgical Hospital.


Digital Asset Design

In addition to marketing collateral, MeMedia created a continuous stream of designs for content marketing via the website, social channels and more. The work largely consisted of infographics and social postcards (bite-sized infographics for quick facts and updates).

These proved highly effective for Gold Coast Surgical Hospital—sharing entertaining, informative and educational content with their audience. Our efforts resulted in a "snowball effect" of social shares, interactions and audience reach, with great outcomes in terms of the hospital’s enquiries and overall brand recognition.


To support the creation of awesome marketing content, a great deal of photographic material was needed. Rather than using stock photos, we opted to use our in-house media team to get the exact imagery we were after.

This gave us the flexibility of having an abundance of beautiful photos for ourselves and the hospital to work with. Additionally, this enabled us to perfectly capture Gold Coast Surgical Hospital's unique and dynamic brand identity in a way that could not be achieved with stock art.



In addition to photography, our in-house team was able to create some outstanding videos for Gold Coast Surgical Hospital.

To support the hospital's surgeons, we shot and edited a series of interview-style videos so patients get to know their surgeon, as well as footage of the hospital itself. Our personal approach was highly effective in breaking down resistance barriers, and not to mention, boosting website's engagement levels.


Gold Coast Surgical Hospital hosted a number of public and private events to draw attention to the facilities for patients, surgeons and GPs. Thanks to MeMedia’s in-house marketing and media team, these events were managed, promoted and captured by our photographers and videographers.

We saw huge turnouts, increased community awareness, and were also able to build up a professional image and video gallery.


SEO & Content Marketing

When commencing services with MeMedia, Gold Coast Surgical Hospital had little to no online presence and were finding it difficult to compete with their established competitors who were all armed with sizeable budgets. This meant creating and following an intelligent and well researched strategy.

The strategy involved deeply analysing keywords, finding opportunities in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) listings, optimising the website, and creating great authoritative articles, infographics and videos—all with focused keyword goals.

The result: MeMedia managed to dramatically increase the hospital's online real estate in just 2 months—bringing their search result listings on par with their largest competitors—increasing website activity by over 200%!

Social Media Marketing

The cornerstone of success for Gold Coast Surgical Hospital was the increased activity on Facebook. This was achieved by strategising and analysing content for organic and paid release. Through rigorous testing, MeMedia quickly found the right content to engage and rapidly grow their social audience.

The result was a 300% increase in social traffic, as well as a huge boost to engagement on posts in just 3 months. These channels soon accounted for 35% of their traffic and enquiries.


Adwords Google Search, Display and Remarketing Advertising

Being such a new establishment, we knew we needed to act fast to increase public awareness, general practitioner awareness and surgeon awareness. Local search was of the utmost importance, and so too were the specific procedures offered by the hospital.

MeMedia devised a Google Adwords strategy which had an immediate impact on traffic and enquiries—both increasing by roughly 30%. This allowed us to bide some time, while our SEO and content marketing efforts came into effect over the next 3 months to boost their overall organic ranking.

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