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Google and Facebook Updates | Get Fact Up #17

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Hi. I'm Chris Hogan, founder and CEO of Me Media. It's time get fact up!

Thanks for tuning in, Australia. Last week we caught up on Twitter's algorithmic updates. And Instagram's awesome new feature. This week, we'll be focused on Google and Facebook updates.

In breaking news, Facebook has announced that they will be launching ads in their Messenger app. Some of you might be like "ugh!" And marketers will be like "yaaay!" Set to launch in the second quarter of this year, businesses will have the ability to send ads as messages to people who have previously initiated a chat thread with the company. Facebook has started informing businesses to get consumers to message them so that now they will be able to reach them with advertisements when this feature launches. But have no fear, Facebook is not going to let everybody just bombard you with messages.

And for those of you that have voluntarily had a chat with a business, will make you eligible to be contacted by them. That's all for Facebook!

Let's get over to Google. Google is looking to speed up the internet with it's initiative AMP Pages. AMP means Accelerated Mobile Page and it's a project that Google and Twitter have been working on together to speed up the internet. Basically, it's a stripped down form of HTML that must use streamlined versions of CSS where images don't load until they're scrolled into view.

What does that mean? Basically, code just got better. It's projected that AMP compatibility will encourage more people to read from the mobile web. Especially taking into account these pages load up to 85 percent faster than traditional mobile web pages. But here's heads up: Google is really strict on how you build these AMP pages. So if you're not 100 percent sure, you're going to have to talk to your developer. Sorry! The developers can then validate the AMP pages using a Chrome plugin, and there's also plugins available for certain content management systems.

So, I guess, why am I telling you? Let's talk to a web developer. Oh, that's us. So, make sure you get your developer to get your website all AMP'd up and deliver faster web pages for smart phone viewing.

So Google are focusing heavy on mobile, We know that, right? Well, recently, they've just brought out a travel experience update that is changing the face of web browsing, again. Though this new interface does make it slightly more difficult for users to access organic web results. Google's travel search is extremely user friendly, allowing those with the travel bug to access flight pricing, popular destinations, and hotels in their chosen area, all from one simple search. Google also gives you the option to filter by dates, interests, and pricing, which allows you to further tailor your search to fit your potential holiday. This experimental feature is great for people who are looking to travel. But, we can see some usability improvements potentially coming soon.

Like we said, Google is focusing on smart phones. And they have just updated their app technology to be more Aussie friendly. Okay Google, where is the best place to get a cold one? Closest bottler.

- [phone voice] Here are the listings for closest bottler. Available to Australians now, many have applauded the new voice for being better able to pronounce local names, especially those that are of Aboriginal origin. Okay, Google, How far to Maroochydore?

- [phone voice] The drive from your location to Maroochydore is 1,026 point 6 kilometers.

- Thanks for sticking around, Australia. We hope you got up to date. We had some Facebook updates and Google updates. We know that everybody is trying to make this place a lot better.

See you next week, Australia!

G'day. mate! Wanna go down to a bar? What are you doing this Saturday?


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