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Choosing The Right Social Media Channel For Your Marketing | Get Fact Up #43

Thanks for joining us for the 43rd instalment of Get Fact Up! Wow - 43 episodes.

Today we want to talk about Social Media, and more specifically, how to get more bang for your buck, by choosing the right channels for your business’ message.

We’ve done a lot of episodes about the benefits of using social media to market your content, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the same results marketing instagram, twitter, facebook or linkedin. In fact, depending on who you want to market to and what you’re offering, some of them might be a waste of time.

Please, grab your coffee and enjoy the 43nd week running of Get Fact Up!


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- G'day, Australia, I'm Chris Hogan, Founder and CEO of Me Media. It's time to get fact'd up. And today, we're gonna talk about social media marketing channels and which one is right for your business, so you get the most bang for your buck. Let's get started.

We've done a lot of episodes on how to market through social media channel but that doesn't mean that every social media channel is right for every business. So today, we wanna cover on each channel, we need to discover who are the most active users and what type of marketing creative might be best to use on each channel. So, let's dive right in.

Facebook's users are hugely varied. After all, they are the biggest social media network in the world. Of course, if they are the biggest, then they have the biggest pool of people to target through advertising and organic social media posts. However, in most cases, we wanna speak to our customer, or our influencers. The influencers on Facebook are largely female, across multiple age brackets.

So, if you have a business that could benefit from influencing females into going and buying something from you, we suggest using infographics, video, and photographs on Facebook, to drive that traffic. There's plenty of other tools on Facebook that I'm sure you're aware of, like Events, Photo Galleries, and more, that you can tap into. So, B2C businesses perform best on Facebook. That is in Entertainment, Tech, Health, and Food industries. We think, also, that there's huge room for other industries as well, but those are definitely the biggest.

Linkedin's platform is hugely underrated. That's possibly due to it's clunky back end. We hope, maybe, this gets fixed sometime soon. Right, Microsoft? Linkedin is absolutely awesome for creating business relationships. And it's also great for your content marketing, when you want to specifically target industries, businesses, job titles, and more.

Their sponsored advertising targeting is absolutely awesome. And, they have improved it over time. So, we've been using it recently and getting some great results. We're sure you'll love it too. But in terms of the demographic, it's mostly businessmen, aged 30 to 49. So, your public relations activity, your blog posts on published posts, and also, infographics and video all perform really well on this platform. Marketing that does better on Linkedin is B2B industries like Retail, Finance, IT, and Education.

Now, let's have a look at some of the more confusing social media channel. Instagram is absolutely an awesome place to be, if you're wanting to market to teenage girls. Because, that is the most active user group. Ah, so cool. Damn. Bet Charlotte's not wearing this. Instagram is absolutely great for photos, videos, marketing to B2C clients for Food, Fashion, Health, and Retail. For Pinterest, over 80% of the active users are female, 25 to 40 years age.

But we have a bit of a challenge on our hands here, Australia, because over 60% of the users are from the U.S. So if you're thinking of getting involved in Pinterest, the industries that shine the brightest on Pinterest are Fashion, Food, Events, and Travel.

Now let's get on to Twitter. Twitter is pretty even when it comes to gender, but the age bracket that is hugely popular there are the millennials, aged 18 through 30. Now, it's not surprising that most of the Twitter users are urban dwellers and they love Retail, Gaming, and Tech.

So, if you're in those industries, by all means, you can target them on Twitter. As well as using their advertising platform, you can hone in your targeting even further.

And that's about all we've got time for. Get fact'd up today. We wanted to keep it short, try something new. We hope you liked it. We'll see you next week. Twitter's user base is largey-- Twitter's user base is largey-- la, le, largely. Twitter's user base is largely non-gender sp-- bleh. Twitter's user base is largely non-- la--


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