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Twitter Takeover, AMP Pages and Facebook @ Work | Get Fact Up

This week we want to take a break from the world of video marketing, and look at some of the big changes that are happening in online marketing.

Firstly let's take a look at Twitter.

It’s no secret that Twitter has struggled with revenue and growth over the past few years.

Even the introduction of ads has not really helped, as it’s far too easy to skip past them in the platform. Monetization has been a struggle, and now there's a lot of talk about a takeover in the pipeline.

Salesforce, Microsoft and Disney have all expressed some interest in buying Twitter, but none of these companies want it as badly as Google do - and here’s why.

Google has not had any real success with it’s own social platform, Google+, I think we even called it the living dead in a previous video.

We said that the best course of action for Google would be just buying a successful one. You know, just casually buying a social network - Google certainly has the funds to do it.

It looks as though Google is intending to use Twitter to revitalize engagement on Youtube. Recent updates to the Youtube platform such as the new “community” features show that google is testing different ways of getting more activity engagement.

An integration between Twitter and Youtube makes a lot of sense. Twitter would be the perfect place to share video content, and Youtube would finally have the engaging social features that would see video platform buzzing with life - the way that videos do on Facebook.

What this means for you, is that you should be looking to get video content up on YouTube ASAP, as there may soon be a lot of opportunity in this space. At the very least, create your Youtube and Twitter accounts so that you are ready, and begin brainstorming your awesome content.

Next let’s look at AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

[Cutaway - chris on postie bike with web pages flying out the back like mail?]

We said before in a previous video, that you didn’t need to worry about AMP until you saw them appearing in search. Well guess what - in the last 2 weeks they’ve been appearing for all sorts of search results, and always - right at the top.

It’s time to start taking this seriously - AMP are officially happening and it looks like Google is giving a big boost to those who are using it.

The other advantage of AMP is that they are lightning fast and highly relevant for mobile - this obviously will have a positive effect on bounce rates and engagement when being used on a phone. Considering that mobile usage has well-and-truly overtaken desktop usage, everyone should now be optimizing for mobile.

The problem we have found with AMP is it’s not easy to setup.

Simple platforms like Wordpress have a few Plugins for AMP, but they are far from foolproof - it really does require the help of a developer at this early stage. Especially if you are wanting to do AMP on a large website or ecommerce store

And before we wrap thing up we wanted to take a quick look at Facebook’s awesome new product called “Facebook at Work”.

This is a new development, that allows you to create a private social network for your company, with all of the facebook features we know and love. The Facebook feed, comments, Messenger, video chat and everything else is all now available for your company to use as a collaboration tool.

The advantage of this is that almost everyone knows how to use Facebook, so it’s going to be a no brainer for your staff to start using this. Also, you don’t need to create a new account to connect to a Facebook @ work group.

And that’s all we have time for today!

As you know the team at MeMedia are always here to help.

If you need any assistance creating content for Youtube, or any other type of marketing give us a call.

Also if you need assistance with web development such as setting up AMP on your website - we can help with that too!

Thanks for listening Australia. We’ll see you next week.


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