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What 1 Year's Content Marketing has Done for Our Brand | GFU #50

G’day Australia, I’m Chris Hogan, Founder and CEO of MeMedia and it’s time to Get Fact Up!

But firstly I’d like to interrupt this program to thank everyone who has helped MeMedia reach our 10 year milestone this October 2016. With an Especially massive thank you to all of the clients and team members past and present. It’s been such an awesome journey.

Today’s Get Fact Up is the case study that is Get Fact Up and Wow what a ride business has been in the last year.

I think it’s very easy for us Marketers to learn and sell the theory behind all the biggest marketing trends which exist to build your brand and your business but it’s another thing to have the practical knowledge behind content marketing and testing these theories with our own campaigns. And here we have it. Get Fact Up episode 50. That’s 2 episodes shy of an entire year and after 10 years of running this company I can honestly say the last year has been The most amazing! :)

So I want to share with you what we did and how those actions reflected on our KPIs which were

  • Produce Content Weekly without fail
  • Increase our reach via social & email.
  • Improve our Google Ranking and Website Traffic
  • Increase our Leads and our sales.

As you know. Get Fact Up is a weekly video series designed to provide high-quality helpful content regularly surrounding topics which associate with our services - Strategy, Development and Marketing.

Wow what a great idea right? Of course it is, but it’s not our idea… It’s Google’s. So the theory was that in order to get a better SEO ranking and more traffic to our website all we had to do was

Listen and follow the “Steps to a Google-friendly site” by Giving visitors the information they're looking for.

Google continues to explain that we should:

Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do. If your pages contain useful information, their content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site.

Damn that’s some awesome advice. And we knew it which is why we did something about it.

Was I just a little bit scared of doing this? You’re damn right! But we did it anyway and the results speak for themselves.

So what did we do?

We followed Google’s and our own advice and created Video content, weekly.

Get Fact Up is hosted on YouTube and embedded on the MeMedia website, in a blog post. We broadcast every episode to our entire email database and social media audiences being Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

As a result we’ve reached 10s of thousands of people over the past year.

Our rankings for targeted keywords like:

  • Digital Agency Gold Coast and Marketing Agency Gold Coast have gone from positions 13 and 51 to 2 and 6 respectively.
  • Our overall Website traffic has increased by up to 300%
  • And our brand has never been stronger with direct traffic and searches for the word MeMedia indicating an all time high.

Now of course it’s easy to get caught up in search statistics hype but here’s the kicker… MeMedia have received requests for quotes on some of the most exciting and biggest contracts ever and as a result sales are up 20%.

So what does this mean for you?

Content Marketing is not hype it’s real and it works. In fact it works so well I’d have to say out of all the marketing we’ve ever done for our own brand that this has been the best time and money spent because we get told everyday that our videos just rocked somebody elses world and that has translated into a few but awesome PR mentions and accolades as well.

No matter how much you doubt yourself sometimes the best way to get over your fear is to go through what I refer to as the baptism of fire. It can hurt at first but damn you feel invigorated and awesome after you’ve come through the flames :)

The learnings from Get Fact Up has of course meant that our clients marketing is even more amazing which is why I’ve included a link to one of our most recent case studies with Gold Coast Surgical Hospital…. It also has a really nice little word from our client as well :) So check that out.

So what does the future hold for Get Fact Up? Well the way we see it, the only way forward is via you - our audience. So we just want to make sure we’re consistently helpful and hopefully entertaining. We can also see huge opportunities to grow our distribution channels and most of all our YouTube channel. So if you haven’t already subscribed on YouTube. Please help us out and follow the links in this post.

Thank you once again to all of our amazing clients and team past and present. You all rock and we will in turn continue to rock your marketing world too.

See ya next week Australia for episode 51 of Get Fact Up :)


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