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Your 2018 Marketing Strategy | Get Fact Up #72

How can you adjust your strategy to stay ahead of the curve in 2018? Well, behind every good content marketing campaign is some good old-fashioned market knowledge.


Don't get left behind next year! Listen to your demographic and keep up-to-date with the latest marketing trends to create content your audience actually wants to engage with. You can start by asking your existing customers which products or services are of interest to them.

Watch our 72nd episode of ‘Get Fact Up’ to bring your marketing A-game into 2018.


G'day world, Chris Hogan coming to you live from the Me Media studio here at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast in Australia, if you're listening from overseas.

Today, I want to cover off, what is your 2018 marketing strategy going to look like?

Now, obviously we've come to the end of 2017, and it's like, "Whoa, what a big year, just need a rest." But, I'm sure many of you are going to be taking a break, and maybe even taking a break from devices. So, this marketing strategy ... This thought process that I'm about to let you in on, is very simple done, and you can do it without your device.

So, let's go. So, there's heaps of different ways to actually approach a marketing strategy. Some people say, follow the four P's, the seven C's, the four C's.

The four P's are: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. If you add another three to that, you've got the seven P's. Which is: Process, People and Physical Evidence.

And, then there's the four C's: consumer wants and needs, cost, convenience, and communication.

So, today, all I want for you is to understand a really simple concept. And, that is to remember one thing: Know your audience.

That's all you have to do before you kick off, actually typing out your marketing strategy for 2018. So, knowing your audience basically means talking to your existing customers, talking to friends and family about: what product it is that you sell, or service that you sell, and whether or not they would purchase it, how they would go about purchasing it, when they would want it, who do they trust, when purchasing that product. Do they trust you? Or do they trust another marketplace? For example, do they trust eBay, over your online store, or do they trust Amazon over your online store.

Why do they need your product or service? Why do they need it? Not want it, need it. Why buy from you and not your competitor? What did they need to know before they buy? Huge question there, right?

So, there's so many questions that can come into purchasing a single product before they actually hit the transact button. And, those questions can be ... what do I need to do if I return this product? How are we going to work together? I don't understand how we integrate me and you, and this service that you're offering.

So, how are you going to break that down? So, your audience, what kind of media are your audience going to want to interact with? Is it, long-form blog content, long-form written content, infographics, video? Now, it goes without saying that video is absolutely the best type of content you can produce for a product page, or even a service landing page. But, there might be instances where people can't actually watch the video, they don't have their headphones with them while they're on the train to work. And, I actually had someone say that to me the other day, that they've been loving Get Fact Up. And, I was like, "Well, thanks very much for the compliment. And, it's great to know that somebody's listening." And, they said, "Actually I read it. I read the transcript while I was on my way to work on the train, because I forgot my headphones."

So, there you go. If you do produce a video, consider having a transcript for it. There's so many reasons why somebody can purchase from you. There's so many reasons why they won't. So, very simply, know your audience this end of season. And, change-over into the new year actually feeling empowered and knowledgeable about who your market is. Because, if you don't have a market, then your product has no place. You're never going to sell anything if you do not know your market.

That's it from me. That's it from Me Media for 2017. We hope you loved Get Fact Up, and the new way that we produce. I can't wait for 2018. I'm not going to say it's bigger and better, because everybody else does. So, I want you to take care. I want you to take a digital detox. And, I want you to just think about your customer. Ask questions, and maybe jot it down in a notepad. Take a break. Take it easy and see you in 2018. 


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