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Get Funned Up! | Get Fact Up #31

Chris is away this week gathering some epic content for future episodes of Get Fact Up. So we are bringing you some laughs this Monday morning in the form of bloopers! What a great way to start off the working week!

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- G'day, Australia. I'm Chris Hogan, founder and CEO of MeMedia. It's time to Get Fact Up. We're sure you've worked long and hard to get your email database up and running, and working for your business. But there are some frustrating stats that have come about that basically mean maybe it's not working for you as well as it should. So, this news probably is a little bit frustrating. Email isn't working as good as it used to. It's possibly due to the saturation in the market. Really, we need to start looking at other ways to reach your target audience. Or, essentially, your existing customers. Might be nice to actually talk to them once in a while, right? And obviously this isn't about you, so don't take this personally. Everybody is in the same boat. So today we wanna share with you some exciting technology that's come out of our very own backyard here on the Gold Coast, and is making waves in the digital marketing arena.

First, let's cover off on some of those facts we highlighted just before. Last year in direct consumer products, the volume of emails went up by 23%, whilst at the same time revenue per email decreased at a whooping 42%. It turns out people are switching off to emails, and again, it's not your fault. Email marketing noise has increased dramatically, and people like you and I are turning more and more to devices like these to get our updates on what's happening in the world. Deloitte's mobile consumer survey from 2015 shares some of these harsh realities. Nearly 80% of Australians now own a smart phone, and we're almost never more than three feet, or three minutes, away from our phone. According to that same study, some of you even almost sleep with your phone, or look at your phone before you talk to a real person in the morning. Come on, people. So we keep on going on and on about how much you use your smart phone, right? Well, here's the trick.

Mobile Digital, headquartered here on the Gold Coast, is allowing you to reach your customers via the device they're habitually choosing. Yeah, the smart phone. And, wow, the results are staggering. Take a look at your last email campaign. What were the stats? 15% opens, 2% clicks? Hey, if they're getting 23% opens you're dancing around the room. Well, hate to tell you, Mobile Digital Solution is a little bit better than that. Mobile Digital have just published results from a recent promotion campaign using their straight to mobile promotions engine that delivered, ready for this? 98% open rates, 60% click-though rates, 16% sales conversions, for a whooping 4,830% return on investment. No words, none. Just rewind and go over that again.

The platform is called Promote Digital. Let's have a quick look at how it works. Knowing that Australians check SMS messsaging over any other priority on their phone means that the message inbox is obviously higher priority for you. The text messages don't really offer that much wow when it comes to giving back to your clients, or advertising some promotions. So Mobile Digital have taken it one step further by offering rich media to your customers in their SMS inbox. So the rich media is personalized image and text content trackable to the individual user sent via MMS, or as we may know it, picture messaging. The message arriving grabs their attention. The image builds that interest, the explaining text sparks desire, and delivers clickable links for immediate action. A seamless process from start to finish. This method of reaching your customers is all about ROI, because every message can have a trackable coupon code or bar code, so it can be used online or in store.

This type of communication can be a nurturing type relationship, where you could be reigniting the relationship with your clients, get them back and purchasing. Also, it can be used as a rewards program. It's great for e-commerce stores, but also great for retail bricks and mortar. If you're looking to add this to your marketing mix, sales and promotions work really well, but personalized gift cards are the bomb.

That's all we've got time for today. I hope MeMedia have presented something new for you to consider so that you can break through that marketing noise. See you next week, Australia, for Get Fact Up.



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