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Content Marketing Karma | Get Fact Up #39

Thanks for joining us for the 39th instalment of Get Fact Up!

This week we wanted to talk to you about Content Marketing - and more specifically, your motivations behind content marketing. Why are you doing it?

This conversation came up in our office this week while we were conducting content research. Or as we like to call it sifting for gold.

Now instead of going on a rant, we at MeMedia would like to offer some simple ideas to help you, based upon what we know actually works.

Please, grab your coffee and enjoy the 39th week running of Get Fact Up!


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- G'day Australia, I'm Chris Hogan, founder and CEO of Me Media. It's time to get fact up. Today, we're gonna talk about content marketing, and why you're actually doing it. This conversation came up in our office this week, while we were conducting some content research, or, as we like to call it, sifting for gold.

We've mentioned, many times before, all of the tactics that you can use to make your content more engaging, reach more people, and convert better. But all that content creation can mean nothing, if the motivations behind creation of that content are wrong.

Think about this for a moment, how many times have you shared content which is super sales focused? How often do you stop reading or watching a piece of content if there's a request to sign up. Do you skip ads? So are you creating content that is truly gonna help your target audience? Or are you creating it for selfish reasons? What is the purpose of your content? Is it to get more sales? To create more leads?

If the number one reason why you're creating content is to get more traffic to your website, get people to buy more, or get more people to sign up, then I'd say, we think that chances are you're slightly off track. Your visitors, who are supposed to be engaging with your content, instead of finding gold, they're finding fool's gold.

Now instead of going on a huge rant, we at Me Media would like to share some ideas with you that can help you improve your content value. Telling your existing client's stories is a great way to engage with new clients, by relating those stories to each other. Who are your clients really, in their day to day lives? How do they come to find you? What problem did you solve for them? And how can others relate to this benefit?

We've said this before, but we want you to make your clients look like rock stars. So when you target that piece of content, to people just like your existing clients, then you're sure to relate to new clients. And, guaranteed, they're gonna think it was just for them. Now that kind of content goes a long way to being shared.

Reviewing products and services that are valuable to your existing clients, is a great way to keep your existing clients engaged. Maybe they'll share it with their friends, which could mean more new clients for you. Your motivation behind creating that review is to be truly helpful. And as we said before, mentioning somebody else's product is a great way to potentially create a new partnership. Just make sure, you send them a link, tag them in social media, maybe they'll share it to their audience as well. You could increase your reach dramatically.

You may get asked the same question a lot from your existing clients. Well it's about time you turned that question into an awesome piece of content. That being a blog, info graphic or video. Questions get asked on the internet all the time. How? Why? Where? Who? So be sure you title them similar to a FAQ, or frequently asked questions. Creating a library of commonly asked questions on your website, is gonna be just like creating a gold mine for your customers. And if your customers are asking questions, many others might be too. And of course, where do we go when we've got a question? Yep, you know it, Google.

So to sum things up, number one, tell your client's story. Number two, review other people's products. And number three, answer commonly asked questions. Create actual content that connects with your customer. That will give back true value, in the form of solid gold. So you won't be adding to the pile of fool's gold. There's plenty of that out there already.

That's all we've got time for Australia, so we'll see you next week. When, hopefully, my voice is a little better. So be sure you title them silimilar So be, Be sure, Be sure, be sure, be sure, so be sure, my voice is going this is crap, man.


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