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Marketing Mistakes - No Marketing Strategy? Create Assets Not Liabilities

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Marketing through a strategic, multi-channel approach will help create assets for your business, instead of liabilities.

Video Transcript:

- Good day guys, Chris Hogan for another common marketing mistake.

One of the biggest mistakes I see occurring out there in the marketplace, is a lack of strategy. And that is generally, because we're stuck in the trenches, we've our head down and we're going for it. Maybe 2020 has changed this for you. 'Cause pre-2020, I was having to ask people to stop, you know, take a breath, raise your gaze. Even I had to do the same. And you know, 2020 has meant that a lot of people have had to stop, unfortunately. But it has potentially given you something that you were missing, and that is perspective. When you raise your gaze, you're able to see clearly about what's going on around you, and potentially understand problems that need to be solved, that your business can solve for the market. And, that's great. But if you, you know, have your head down, bum up, into the grind of daily work every day, and you're not giving yourself time to gather that perspective, then essentially you know, you cannot be strategic. And, not having a strategy means that you're potentially going to be just choosing the shiny thing that exists out there in the marketplace, for where you wanna market. For example, Facebook advertising you know, came along years ago and people went, "That's it, I'm putting all my money there. I've seen somebody get some good results." So you know, and then you go and dive into that, put all your attention there. Not a good strategy really. So, a great strategy is multichannel. It is actually thinking you know, holistically about how your website integrates with your marketing, how your content creation you know, enhances the expression of your purpose and your tone of voice. Doing all of that research upfront and developing a strategy, will set you on a much better path for content marketing and marketing in general. Effectively, what you'll end up doing is you'll create assets and not liabilities.

Thanks, I'm Chris Hogan from MeMedia. Check us out at


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