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Top Three Personal Branding Speakers | Get Fact Up #35

Recently Chris has been a guest speaker for several different audiences on the topic of branding, but even more specifically personal branding.

So today we think the stars have aligned and dictated that Chris shares with you his top 3 personal branding public speakers and authors, which have all made positive impacts in his business life and he believes will also make an awesome impact in yours.

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- G'day, Australia. I'm Chris Hogan, founder and CEO of Me Media. It's time to get fact up from right here on the Gold Coast. Recently, I've been doing several guest speaking gigs on the topic of personal branding. I'm no personal branding expert, but I have been sharing the top three international speakers and authors who I think are experts on personal branding. So today, let's talk about them.

Today, I'll also do the podcast for the mental revolution with one of the top 100 most influential bloggers on LinkedIn. With the guest speaking and doing the podcast, I believe the starts have aligned and I just had to share how great these people are for personal branding. So let's get started. The first and most influential person who came into my life in 2010 was Daniel Priestley.

Daniel is an internationally recognized best selling author and also international speaker and successful entrepreneur. So I wanted to share with you a bit more about Daniel Priestley and why I think he's important for you to follow. Daniel Priestley is an ex-pat Aussie living in the UK. Daniel first authored the book "Key Person of Influence," then "Entrepreneur Revolution", and more recently, "Oversubscribed."

Reading of all these books in the order I just mentioned is a good idea with the key thing being that you don't need mountains of money to build your personal brand. You simply need to devote time and effort into creating content and sharing it. I've included some links to Daniel's books in this blog and I guarantee you'll get a lot out of them. I specifically love "Oversubscribed." It's also available on Audible.

The next most influential personal branding expert in my life is Gary Vaynerchuk, or better known as Gary Vee. Gary Vee is a serial entrepreneur, but more than that, he builds businesses. Fresh out of college, he took his family's wine business, and grew it from a three million dollar business to a 60 million dollar business in just five years.

Now he runs Vayner Media, one of the world's hottest digital agencies and at last report was turning over around a 100 million dollars per year and officially just went global with its new office in London. Along the way, he has become a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birch Box before eventually co-founding Vayner RSE, a 25 million dollar investment fund. Gary Vee is a charismatic person that I certainly cannot contend with and I absolutely love hearing him on a Monday morning. It gets me pumped up.

Gary Vee is hot on personal branding and his number one message is that be you, 24/7/365 days per year, never waiver and always be yourself. I guarantee you'll get a lot out of listening to him. He's available on podcasts, Facebook, YouTube, and obviously he's got books, as well, which I'll cover off in just a sec. Gary Vee recently said in one of his latest podcasts, "Money and fame don't change you, it exposes you. Be yourself 24/7/365 and don't alter that in anyway shape or form."

You can check it out yourself on episode 212 of the Ask Gary Vee Show podcast. It's available on all different platforms. Just Google it or follow the link from the blog. As mentioned, Gary Vee is out there creating heaps of content. He's known for daily trading people's attention so you can get in on all of those platforms mentioned, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Live and more, plus he has five books. One of those is for Wine Library and the rest are about building your brand, building your business, getting social. So absolutely I encourage you to check them out, follow the links in this blog, and get reading, get listening. He's great.

For the number three person that I think you need to be following for personal branding is Chris J "Mohawk" Reed. He is an international best seller and he is the NASDAQ listed CEO with a Mohawk for his global company, Black Marketing, who are a premium personalized B-to-B marketing consultancy specializing in enabling LinkedIn for you.

Chris's number one international best seller is "LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs" and is available on Amazon. Chris is one of the top 100 most influential LinkedIn bloggers and has 70 K LinkedIn followers. Today, I really enjoyed hearing Chris's take on how to build your personal brand and do it via LinkedIn. That is the best place for it according to Chris.

So I just wanted to cover three of those top points and take-aways that I got from the podcast. Regularly write published posts on LinkedIn. Say yes more often to meeting requests offline or via Skype. And keep your profile up-to-date. Chris's book, "LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs" gives away all of the info on how to build your personal brand and Chris has effectively branded himself perfectly as the authority on LinkedIn.

And, as mentioned, Chris has taken his personal brand to be not only authoritive, but one which is also visual.He often gets stopped in the streets due to people recognizing his Mohawk and saying hey, you're the LinkedIn Mohawk guy. Chris openly admits that not everybody can take the visual branding to the same level that he has, but I guarantee you'll get a lot out of his book so check it out and maybe listen to the podcast coming out soon.

Thanks very much, Australia. That's all we've got time for on personal branding. I know you're gonna to love all of the content we've shared with you so make sure you check them out. Get that Amazon order flowing in and you'll be reading for hours. Like I said, some of them are available on so check them out there, too.

Thanks for listening, Australia. We'll see ya next week.



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