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How Facebook's News Feed Update Affects Your Marketing | Get Fact Up #36

Thanks for joining us for the 36th instalment of Get Fact Up!

More changes are coming to Facebook! Today we wanted to share with you what this newsfeed update means to marketers and how your strategy may need to change, alter or get off facebook altogether.

It's safe to say that any and all Facebook marketers who are Facebook Page Administrators also registered a minor heart murmur when they heard this news!

Please, grab your coffee and enjoy the 36th week running of Get Fact Up!

On June 29, Facebook announced that they’re “Building a Better News Feed for You”

News Feeds Values page.

Facebook Best Practices


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- Good day Australia. I'm Chris Hogan founder and CEO of Me Media. It's time to Get Fact Up. Today we're gonna be covering how Facebook's new updates are going to affect your marketing. So, stay tuned and let's get started. One June 29th, 2016 yep, just a few days ago, Facebook announced that they are building a better news feed for you. And all of the publishers who rely on Facebook to get their word out via Facebook just went into meltdown pending this upcoming change. It's also safe to say that many of the Facebook marketers that heard this also registered a minor heart murmur. And wondered how their marketing is going to be affected via their business pages. So today I wanted to go through some of the updates and share with you what we think this update is going to mean for your marketing. And whether you need to stay on Facebook, upgrade your strategy, or get off altogether. Now before we have a look at what this change actually is, we need to have a look at some of the recent updates to Facebook's news feed. The news feed is your default view when you log into Facebook on both desktop, and mobile. But now there is also a list of favorite topics, which you can choose to look at different feeds posted under different topics. Such as, work and money, science and tech, music, sports, and more. You can customize what your favorites are so they are easy to choose on mobile, and desktop. So, what's the up and coming change? Let's have a look. Facebook will be updating news feeds over the coming weeks so that things posted by friends you care about are higher up in your news feed. So in other words, what we can expect is that any posts that are being driven via business pages are actually gonna appear less in the news feeds. Or, less prominently. Or, they will only appear there when your friends have interacted with those particular posts, or their sponsored posts. All the branded content or content via Facebook pages is still gonna be available on Facebook, it's just gonna fall under some of those Facebook topics that we just mentioned. So how does this affect your strategy? Well, if you have been creating awesome content, and sharing it via Facebook as your distribution network then, potentially, your strategy doesn't have to change. But, let's have a look at some of Facebook's values that are really important when creating content. Facebook's News Feed Values page is an invaluable resource for you to understand just how you should be structuring your content. Some of the super important points covered on this page are that Facebook are in the business of connecting people and ideas. And matching people with the stories they find most meaningful. Secondly, people value stories that they can see they're informative. And thirdly, feeds are also a source of entertainment to create informative, entertaining pieces of content that are meaningful to your target audience. Right, easy. Of course, stories should steer clear of being misleading and appear a little bit spammy or over salesy. Hey, you want to buy a new car? Have I got the right deal for you. She's only got a few hundred miles. So in summary, we have three most important things that you need to be doing to make your Facebook marketing effective. Number one you need to make sure that your content that you're sharing adheres to Facebook's feed values. Number two improve the ability for people to share content from your website. Because shared content from personal profiles actually should get better reach and better visibility via the news feed. And number three make sure you have advertising dollars to spend on Facebook. So if you can't do all of those three things then Facebook distribution is not right for you. It might be time to shape up and ship out and create your strategy someplace else. But, if you think you're up for the challenge, then we suggest checking out Facebook's Best Practices page. Which can be super helpful on topics like Facebook Live, Tagging, Hashtags, and plenty more. Thanks very much Australia. That's all we've got time for Get Fact Up today. We hope this how to make your Facebook marketing effective pending this news feed update has been helpful for you. All of the links that we've discussed today are available in this blog. But if you've got something that you really need to know, and you'd like us to find out absolutely send us an email at or place your comments in Facebook, YouTube, or even on our blog. We are happy to help you all out. That's what we're here for. So, let's all Get Fact Up together. So I want to do a meltdown. It's winter time. Make me look like an oompa loompa. I've been getting fake tans because it's winter.


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