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YouTube Marketing | Get Fact Up #47

Last week's video covered why you need to consider adding video marketing to your marketing strategies and there were some pretty compelling reasons why.

Today I want to work with you in developing your understanding of YouTube marketing and how your marketing goals might align with using this beast of a social channel to maximise your business goals.

So will your goal be to:

  • Make money from YouTube?
  • Sell your products?
  • Sell your services?
  • Or simply provide content without any expectations for financial gain?

I can almost hear everyone of you successful business folk scoffing at the thought of spending time and money producing video content without any expectation for financial gain yet millions of YouTube creators do it every day.

So if you think you’re going to create video which cuts through the noise and you expect to make money overnight, you’d better think again because nobody has ever had overnight success with anything let alone video marketing.

Now the secret to creating any type of content especially video which makes you money is by giving value to the user.

If you want to sell more products then create informative, albeit entertaining, videos about the product.

Talk about the complete list of features, ingredients, how it was made or what purpose it is perfect for and why. Please just make sure you talk about how, when and where to use the product.

Naming your product review video is important and you might go for “Best type of product” or “Product Review” or “How to use X product” all of these work really well so that’s why it’s important not to just stop at 1 video because the last thing you will want is people seeing your review or product comparison video and then searching elsewhere for the How to use video or the Complete buyers guide video.

Think Media TV for their review videos and with a modest 168 videos 76 thousand subscribers and 4,2 million views we think Sean Cannell is doing an epic job of helping the world go further, faster in media. Sean Joined Youtube in August, 2010. We haven’t heard if Sean is making money yet.

So one day we’ll have to interview him and find out :)

And if by chance you’re thinking of making a career of YouTubing then you have to check out Casey Neistat’s awesome videos. Casey has produced and uploaded 664 videos 4,326,382 subscribers over 1 Billion views and Joined Feb 15, 2010.

So you want to sell your services?

And you work in the most BORING industry nobody wants to know about. I won’t say it but you know what it is… ACCOUNTING

Well guess what. I bet people do want to know stuff and it’s just a matter of digging through your most asked questions and starting there and if that fails your fall back is to always make rockstars out of your clients and produce interviews.

But how is this going to help you attract more clients? Well so long as you structure your content to answer the questions that people want to hear most and you have a followup, low cost easy to purchase productised service... you’ll be winning.

So you know how I didn’t say that this industry is the most boring *Wink* well it was hard to find any content worth sharing….. EXCEPT…. Xero’s.

In case you haven’t heard, XERO is online accounting software who majorly disrupted the accounting software market and was founded in New Zealand in 2006.

The YouTube Xero Accounting Software channel has 734 videos, Almost 7k subscribers Over four and half million views and Joined YouTube in November, 2010

YouTube Video marketing has taken on so many different forms of content since it’s very first beginnings in 2005 with The first YouTube video, titled Me at the zoo, showing co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo uploaded in April of the same year.

To a booming in AMSR video which google says is The Biggest YouTube Trend You've Never Heard Of but they are stories for another day.

That’s all we’ve got time for today. We’ll see you next week with more on Video Marketing.


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