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3 Simple Steps to Get More Website Traffic | Get Fact Up #57

For anyone that runs an online business, you probably have asked yourself this question many times:

How do I get more website traffic?

We’ve covered plenty of topics like improving Rankings, Click Through Rates and Page Engagement, but we’ve never tackled this question directly before. So let's get started.

We at MeMedia want to share with you one of our favourite methods for creating and promoting content that gets you traffic. It’s simple, but it requires you to think outside the box from how you currently do your marketing.

Here’s the mind blowing secret: Don’t create content to attract customers!

Now don’t get me wrong - the goal here is to increase business.

But if you continually try to attract the same crowd of people, your website traffic probably looks a bit like this. Flat as a tack.

Step 1: Find the influencers in your niche

“Influencers” are the people that already have the attention of crowds of potential customers - you need to keep an eye on them as they hold the keys to your industry.

Are there any well known bloggers in your industry? Newsletter creators? Publishers? What is it that they are discussing in your industry?

Make a list of all of these influencers, and the topics they discuss. If your industry doesn't have many influencers, find some big names in a related niche. For example, if nobody is blogging about chainsaws, look for influencers that write about gardening or hardware.

Step 2: Create content that appeals to these influencers, not your customers

Take your list of topics that influencers like, and turn it into awesome content. These topics are what your influencers care about, what they want to read about and what they want to talk about.

And if they talk about it - everyone in your niche will listen!

If you write an article on a topic that in influencer wants to share and discuss, you will be reaching an audience far bigger and more engaged than
what you could reach on your own.

Step 3: Promote to influencers using the power of Facebook targeting

We have discussed it before, Facebook advertising is seriously powerful, thanks to the targeting options you have available.

Share your content to your facebook page, then use Facebook’s “Audience” tools to boost it to the interests, behaviours and demographic that match your group of influencers.

Even if your content doesn’t make it in front of all of your influencers, you will be circulating it in the right group of people. This step helps to kick start the momentum and get your content noticed - everything else happens organically!

That’s about all we have time for today ladies and gents - to quickly recap: you need follow the influencers in your industry. Market to them, and get access to a much bigger audience of potential customers.

If you need help with creating a marketing strategy like this - just give us a call, send an email or hit us up on social - we’re here to help.

Thanks for watching Australia!



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