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Workshop: How to Build The Best Marketing Strategy & Team

The number one marketing challenge
which SCALING business owners face is

a lack of ideal resources to execute the strategic marketing activities
required to build an untouchable formidable brand.


The harsh reality is that the majority of CEOs and Directors of today’s scaling businesses are stretched beyond belief. They are stuck working in the business and have little time to work on it.


The Problem

The CEO is then forced to split their time equally between a potential mix of marketing, sales, operations, finance, customer and partner relations as the new marketing person is required to strategise, produce, action / distribute, analyse and report on all of the marketing activity.


Incorrect Team Structure

  1. CEO becomes the marketing director and one (1) new “marketing guru” is hired; or
  2. A Marketing Director is hired and one (1) new “marketing guru”; or
  3. Segregated digital marketing, social media, or SEO agency(s) are contracted to action the CEOs / Marketing Directors requests.


Outdated Marketing Strategy

  1. Outdated research on who the customer is and what they expect from your business
  2. Marketing and Brand Strategy are not integrated
  3. The marketing landscape has shifted and new methodologies must be considered
  4. Outdated Goals, KPIs
  5. No values defined or shared amongst all marketing stakeholders.


Distraction: Failure to Execute The Strategy

  1. Entrepreneurs are renowned for chasing the "new shiny thing" and
  2. Marketing activity results in misaligned activity



  • No new research done
  • No audit of the existing assets and no plan to create new assets.
  • No customer or market insights
  • Blind to disruption or lack of product market fit
  • Misunderstood competitive landscape
  • No company, team or customer inspiration
  • End up going down the same road



The cost is that none of the above actions have been undertaken and the go to activity has been to run a (one) Google or Facebook advertising campaign using images and copy we’ve always used and get excited about the clicks.

Clicks happen. They always happen. And we’re happy… for a while, because after 3 months those clicks haven’t provided much in the way of business and our bank account is a little worse for wear.

So where are we now? In a better position because we have a lot of traffic which came to the existing website or worse because we sent all that traffic to a website that’s fundamentally broken and we’re back at square one.

We’ve seen this so many times. It’s as if every business owner has read the same instruction manual and is implementing this failed methodology and the only winner is Google / Facebook.





  1. Now more than ever a business's success is reliant on the marketing assets which a business creates and how they consistently engage your existing and potential customers.
  2. Articulate functioning world-class marketing team
  3. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities which align with the strategic goals and KPIs.


Building a formidable world-class brand takes time and its based on building content assets that are more than just a 1 minute social media snippet.

Your purpose beyond profit ensures that you align yourself with a cause for your customer to feel apart of.

Accelerating past your competitor requires your customer to aspire to be yours over any other in the same industry.

Let's make your customers want to know you, like you and trust you. Then they will do business with you.



  • How to structure your team to be a high performance brand building machine
  • How to structure your marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond
  • How the 21st century customer needs to be defined
  • The new age expectations of consumers and the new ways to appeal to them
  • How to define yourself for best product / market fit


  • An outline of your own strategy based on your unique business size, industry and KPIs
  • Your version of your ideal team structure
  • Bonus workshop video recording to be able to revisit the workshop with your team
  • Access to closed Facebook discussion group?


Autoguru Head Quarters

Level 10, 50 Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise


Thursday, August 22nd 12:00pm - 3:30pm


  • Pens
  • Workshop worksheet
  • Water
  • Brainfood


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