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Get Fact Up #22 Top 7 Marketing Lessons from MeMedia

Wow, we are now at Episode #22 of Get Fact Up. And if you were starting to feel overwhelmed with all the marketing activities you should be doing, now is the time to reflect. This week we collate the info we have been sharing over the past few months and give you the Top 7 Marketing Lessons according to MeMedia. If you are new to the Marketing scene, then these are must do's! And if you've been in the game a while, can you tick all of these of your business checklist? Tune in to find out.

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Get Fact Up #22 Transcript

G'day, Australia. I'm Chris Hogan, founder and CEO of MeMedia. Recently, we've received some feedback on just how great Get Fact Up has become, so we thought we'd take today as an opportunity to go back and look at the top seven lessons we've learned since October 2015. But please excuse how green I was presenting to camera just 22 episodes ago.

In Episode 3, we covered content marketing. There, we hinted at one of the most important aspects of establishing a quality marketing strategy is: knowing your ideal client. MeMedia damn sure that you know who your ideal client is. It's just a matter of uncovering what they want, why they want it, when they want it, and how you can help them. This was the first mention of knowing your ideal client, and this theme doesn't stop.

Right through all Get Fact Up episodes, and especially in Episode 18, when we got in deep with understanding how to create your digital marketing strategy. Your digital marketing strategy is meant to serve as a well-thought out analysis of how to reach out and attract your ideal client to your business. Because you've dedicated time to developing a well-thought out marketing strategy, either by yourself or with an agency like MeMedia, you shouldn't ignore that research that you've done around your ideal client. That is really going to set your marketing apart for the year to come.

SEO should play an essential role in every online marketing campaign, and in Episode 4, we uncovered what SEO means for your business. Here's a few points that we'd like to cover with you. Forget keyword stuffing. No need to weave keywords into your sentences. Just write normally and Google will figure it out. Stop worrying and stop creating unnatural links back to your website. If you're building and marketing your website properly, then your search engine rankings will come, because that is the beauty of Google's most recent changes. This means that you have more time for creating engaging content, more social media marketing time, more ad creation time, and building integrated online marketing campaigns. In time, you're sure to dominate all of your online marketing channels. ♫ All of them ♫

In a recent report, Moz listed the most influential ranking factors. Number one was domain-level link quality, and quality of all inbound links to your website. Number two was page-level link quantity and quality of inbound links to a specific page. Number three was page-level keyword and content relevance. How well your on-page content is written for the keywords being searched. And number four was all of the technical, such as content length, readability, open graph markup, uniqueness, load speed, structured data markup You can test some of these technical features from the links in our blog, or get in touch with MeMedia and we can help you out. And number five, how many people are going to your site and how engaged are they? Given that you and I are separated by a computer screen, it's difficult for us to know whether or not our key messages are being received loud and clear.

So in Episode 5, we covered how important it is to target that mobile user. Let's have a look. Readership is moving to mobile very fast, with PageFair now estimating that all mobile traffic accounts for 38% of all online browsing. Other insides tell us that BuzzFeed's mobile traffic outstripped its desktop traffic early in 2013. So if you're advertising online, you need to make sure that mobile is an essential consideration that you're making in your digital strategy. And don't forget that smartphone penetration in Australia has reached 75%. It's not like Aussies aren't using online phones. Some of us even have two, and we're really well-connected. We can tend to repeat ourselves on what we feel to be the most important thing for you to know and remember, and that's addressing the mobile user, so we have mentioned that in Episode 6, Episode 10, and Episode 19.

Tracking the performance of your online marketing campaigns is uber-important, so we included two episodes of Google Analytics, to get you up to date with how to implement this platform. Here's a snippet right here. We've got the four most important steps to get your business started with Google Analytics. Wrong. Wake up, Australia. Google Analytics rocks. MeMedia would definitely encourage watching those entire episodes that we just shared with you on Google Analytics. And, if they're not your cup of tea, please share them with your marketing team.

In Episode 20, we covered how important it is to integrate your marketing with your website. Here's a snippet. Put simply, all of your marketing collateral should never work alone. Nothing ever does work on its own. Integrating your website with your marketing activity will create a path of least resistance for people to do business with you. Essentially, we want to break down those barriers so people don't have an excuse not to do business with you. ♫ I came in like a wrecking ball ♫

Apart from creating your digital marketing strategy, we felt that the most important lesson we shared with you was in Episode 21, and that is the importance of creating your landing page. A landing page is a page that has been created for a specific marketing or advertising campaign. Creation of a landing page is super-important because generally speaking, a large percentage of advertisers send people to their homepage, and if you analyse your homepage, it probably isn't the most ideal page to send people who are searching for a specific product or service. Thanks for listening, Australia, and thanks for the awesome feedback. We absolutely love hearing it, no matter what form it takes. Next week, we'll be sharing what's happening in the online marketing arena. So stay tuned, we'll see you next Monday.


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